How to recover hidden data in your pen driver

  1. go to the cmd (press Window key + R -> type “cmd” -> press Enter)
  2. go to your pen drive by type “:” (eg: C:\>f:)
  3. take a view of all hidden file in your pen by typing “dir /ah” (eg f:\>dir /ah)
  4. type “attrib [name of file/folder] -r -a -s -h”
  5. type “attrib -r -a -s -h” to unhide the file (attrib test.txt -r -a -s -h)
  6. if the file name is longer than 6 charactors, the type like this, “attrib filena~1 -r -a -s -h” (filename.txt is the file name)
  • Use this command “attrib -s -h -r f:\*.* /s /d” to solve your problem in once for all file and folders (f: is the pen diver)
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