3. Recommendation of DBMSs for some organizations

· Small boutique with 4 people accessing the system at most – Ms Office Access

Reasons: Ease of using. Better to select than selecting free DBMSs, because they are complex than Access and need skilled administrator for maintain. It may be costly. Access is simple and cheaper than Oracle and Ms SQL server, and have low hardware requirement than other DBMSs. Access can only use on windows OSs. However in Sri Lanka, supply of windows skill and Access skill are very high than other OSs and DBMSs.

· Medium size organization with 5 branches and the HO in Colombo, and 50 users accessing the system – Ms SQL Server

Reasons: Ms SQL server much reliable than Ms Access and Ms Access can only maintain about 2GB user data, when Ms SQL server can handle much larger data. The organization maybe unable to spend much cost for have much featured DBMS which better than Ms SQL server low editions. In Sri Lanka, supply of Ms SQL server skill is high. So, selecting Oracle may not reasonable, because Oracle database administrators may ask high salary than Ms SQL server administrator, because of the low supply of skill relative to high demand. Easier to use than other complex DBMSs and Ms SQL server is well reputed than MySQL and PostgreSQL. There is an opinion that open source DBMS is not much secured. Ms SQL server can only use on windows OSs. However in Sri Lanka, supply of windows and Ms SQL server skills are good than other OSs and DBMSs.

· Large multi-national organization with 20 county sites and 500 people accessing the system – Oracle

Reasons: Much reliable than Ms SQL server over concurrent users (and high availability). It is well reputed, popular DBMS, and it is recommended to use Oracle for deployment of massive data warehouses. Can use on any OS, can connect to other DBMS, and have many features.

· High security governmental organization with 200 people accessing system – In house developed DBMS

Reasons: Using outsiders developed DBMS is not always secured. Because of the software developers of outside DBMS know the strengths and weaknesses of their DBMS. So perhaps there may have some possibilities of getting access the customer’s system by the outsiders. In this case having DBMS from the market is not suitable for high security governmental organization. Therefore develop a DBMS by using inside software developers, is the most secured option. However the inside software developers need to use unique data type or advance technologies for protect the system from outsiders.

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