I’m guessing the target markets of some DBMSs 2009

i. Oracle – Target market is middle-tier and top-tier (large) customers which use any kind of OS. High percentage of UNIX and Linux top-tier customers are using Oracle. Windows top-tier customers also use Oracle.

ii. Ms SQL Server – For any customers who uses windows OSs. But mainly got high demand from middle-tier customers. It is easy to use by windows users and they are much familiar with the Ms SQL Server.

iii. Ms Office Access – For bottom-tier (small) customers who uses windows OS. Develop for basic use data management.

iv. MySQL – For any middle and top-tier customers of using any OS. But got high demand in open source OS users and also some demand from web developers (WAMP, LAMP).

v. PostgreSQL – For any middle and top-tier customers of using any OS. But got demand in open source OS users. Still not much familiar with other platform users rather than open source programmers.

vi. Caché – Target market of Caché is middle and top customers. Notable customers of this DBMS are many US hospitals, who run their Electronic Medical Record systems using Caché and financial institutions.

vii. Objectivity/DB – For top-tier customers like government, security, complex manufacturing, commercial services, science, and engineering organizations.

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