MySQL 5.1 New Features: MySQL Partitions

I had a problem with handling huge amount of data in one of my MySQL databases. Problem is its take too much time to generate reports from a huge data collection.
I found many ways to solve this problem and also this new MySQL table Partitioning feature. Its come with MySQL 5.1.

Using this feature we can increased performance of MySQL data scan operations as I needed above. And also simplified data management.

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What will happen to the Future of VOIP?

Almost every person who can afford a phone has one. Some have more then one. so now it is the telecommunication era. Internet is also everywhere now and in the near future Traditional phone systems will be replaced by VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Because it is very low cost and easy maintenance. And also there are lot of advance features we can have using VOIP technology.

In the USA, many cell phone service providers are seeing the potential of incorporating VOIP in there services.  They will be able to charge users for this extra service which means more money.

Mobile is growing tremendously with new phones that are capable of handling VOIP such as Google Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile.

Video over IP is also already in use now and follows the same concept as VoIP but in this case enables the transmission of video signals.

A new beginning will begin soon for VOIP.

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